Get the resources to complete your Business Plan and Pitch-deck using the business model canvas and accounting techniques to communicate your business with various stakeholders.

“An idea not written stays a dream”


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Resource library of training

We recorded valuable tips to take you through the process. Get your business idea documented on paper.

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Download the one Page Business Plan (BMC)

In this section

Business Model

We explain the different sections and how it applies to you

We ask specific question

The correct questions to ask to get the info you need

Feedback from the past

Gather your past experience and interactions into the BMC


Put the info you learnt into the One Page BMC

Overview of a good Business Model and sections

The overview of the Business Model Canvas. Understanding the different segments. What do you thinks is most important when starting your business? 

There are many views, which can be backed up by evidence and experience. 


Customer Segments

Our Journey of the Business Model Canvas.

Deep dive into knowing who our customer is. We mention how EVERYONE cant be our customer and the benefits of being specific. We focus on the Value Proposition after knowing our customer, and the ability to define the to someone the value we add.

Relationships and Channels

We continue with the Business Model Canvas.

Its Beyond Marketing, its how you put your message across.

The values and reputation of your business and how you perceived. Defined Business Methods to : Attract NEW clients, Maintain NEW Clients, and GROW with specific customer segments. Channels: How you will get your Product/ Service to the Customer? Knowing your value chain and the customer journey from Start to End. 

Understanding that your Distribution Channel is a defined plan that brings PREDICTABILITY in your business, which will require RESOURCES. Understanding the importance a Unique Channel can from a serious Advantage, taking you ahead of others in your industry! – Ensure the chosen Channels are relevant to your business.

resources - Activities and Partners

We come to last segment which relates to the Qualitative segments, I call the words, before we start with the next session that involves the numbers. 

To get the numbers right, we first need to understand and define the resources, activities and partners we will be building. The previous videos were concept and design, now comes the real tangible part, which requires action. Its HOW we do things, turning the Idea into Reality. Without this ACTION steps, everything is just a TALK, a distant dream. 

KEY RESOURCES: Things we will need to deliver Value to the Customer. Show resources we have NOW vs those we need in the FUTURE. Explain if they OWNED or being RENTED. Understand the impact they have on out Financials.

 KEY ACTIVITIES: Operations – Tasks – Daily/ Monthly/ Annual. HOW we do things, and plan to do things.

 KEY PARTNERS: – Beyond mere suppliers – Negotiate finding middle ground – Mutual Benefits (Strong Relationships) Hope you finding the content useful. The lighting of the video not the best at night, and we will continue to deliver. The Financials, numbers follow next.

Download the Financial Templates

In this section

BMC and Financials

How the Scenario and business plan effects your financials

Put values

We put values to your scenarios in your business plan.

Your numbers

How your numbers can change based on changes in future.

Core Financials

Brief session on how the Income Statement and Balance sheet works.

INCOME STATEMENT - Profit and Loss

We come to financial segment which translates the qualitative assumptions into numbers, its the starting point of putting the numbers in the correct place. We understand and defined the resources, activities and partners we have in our previous training now we put the numbers (monthly) in the Income Statement/ Profit and Loss Statement. This video at its CORE explains how you build an Income Statement from the information you have and where you will get the information.

Without these ACTION steps your Assumptions dont make sense and cant be QUANTIFIED.

ACTIVE LEARNING: – Financials – Profit and Loss – HOW we do things, and plan to do things


Budget Assumptions and Forecasting Building a winner Business Plan! We completed the Actuals and now show how the business will perform in the future if the funding is successful. The assumptions we made earlier will now be put into numbers for the future years. Funds will either increase our revenues or decrease our costs which will bring higher NET PROFITS.

This video at its CORE explains how you start the budgeting process and where to put the assumptions made. KEY LEARNING: – Method of Budgeting – Increase in volumes influence on the sales and the costs. – The difference between Income Statement and Balance Sheet items in the future.

ACTIVE LEARNING: – Financials – Future Forecasting – Compare the increase in Net Profit and “Pay Back” period on the Machine/ Asset.


Discussed in the 2nd session.


Delivery of a good pitch

In this section

How to Prepare

Business Compliance to consider and things to consider when starting a business.

How to Speak

Speaking style and techniques. Get your message across.

Example of a good Pitch

Example of a good pitch.
See above the layout and what was requested at the end

After the Pitch

Backup your pitch with your supporting documents and compliance docs.


Step by Step Guide on how to get your Tax Clearance Certificate – FREE.




Annual Return - CIPC Status

Do business the right way. Are your suppliers and close partners business compliant? Need to check details of a company?

Don’t get caught up in the fraudulent requests and Purchase Orders with this simple check- FREE


When you register a company do you know the compliance landscape?


This short video gives a brief overview.

  • CIPC
  • TAX
  • Financial Statements

Your Trainers

With over 25 Years Banking experience and 35 years of business coaching and mentoring, Mr Joseph brings a wealth of knowledge to business owners through system design and funding. A thought leader backed with over R 1 billion of successful deals displays Mr Joseph experience.
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I help business owners with accounting and operational systems. I enjoy training business owners on the latest trends. My background is in Oil and Gas and Local Government as a Management Accountant.
Founder cfohire
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Coach Scelo
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South African business startups and small business are the backbone of any economy. Businesses have the support of government institutions who are aware of the important role played by our SME’s. Various funding initiatives are available to qualifying SME’s and the content presented will help business owners document and write down their business plans, and models which can presented to these institutions both in the Public and Private sector.  

ULWAZI is at the forefront of assisting business owners as we bridge the gap to funding opportunities. 

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