FINANCIAL CLEANUP, 7 - 16 April 2020

No Sales, No Pitch. Pure guidance getting your records up to date and Compliant. Best Practice. 



10 Day Countdown - FINANCIAL CLEANUP


E-filing Login - Dashboard

How to access your Tax Profile, navigate e-fling and different type of taxes for business owners.

7 April 2020


Tax Certificate

Find out your Tax Status and what it means. Understand how to stay Tax Compliant with the new Tax PIN. 

8 April 2020


Annual Return - CIPC

Is your company registered and up to date with CIPC? Find out how to submit your Annual Returns.

9 April 2020


Bank Statement Tips

Obtain your Bank Statement and tricks to work on it. Software tips.

10 April 2020


Income and Debtors

Save all your Customer Invoices and calculate who owes you money. 

11 April 2020


Suppliers and Expenses

What do you owe you suppliers? Calculate if the amount is correct and know your status with your partners.

12 April 2020


Debit Orders

Best Practice. Some tips to manage your monthly debit orders and how to account for them. 

13 April 2020


Loans - Shareholder

You will have different forms of loans, know how to account for them. 

14 April 2020


Asset Register

Get the template to account for all your company assets and know the important information required by SARS. 

15 April 2020



How to perform Projections and understand why its used. How it effects your Net Worth.

16 April 2020

Foundations to stay Complaint

You have all the templates and knowledge to be complaint and stay compliant. We advise a Professional to help with financial sign-off.

The lock-down will certainly help in cleaning our world from COVID-19, when we get back to our normal lives, question is, will our finances be clean? The 10 step challenge gives you the tools to up date your records. 

Applications for assistance require the business to have clean records, don’t be rejected because of poor accounting records These tools will help you through these unknown times and beyond.

Meetings are live and practical

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Follow our social media page for more info. Planned 3pm each day for 30 mins. (7 April 2020)


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All attendees will get the latest templates and tools to get them on their way.

Get your Financial records - Clean!

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